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Mad Gods
Here we kneel in supplication
Barren fields of lifeless damned
Swing smiles of star fall steel
To the tunes of mad~ men~
This is naught but perpetual motion
Born of pre-programmed desire
We are but a broken Legion
These chains strangle still
Chemistry, metallurgy-
These are our basic blocks
Worthless scrap, cleaning supplies
Given lies~ of~ lives~
Out will is not our own
We lay it down at the unwilling altar
To Avarice and Sloth
They throw our lives away
In the name of selfish games
We are less than damned things
Wombs of iron, swaddling armor
This is what~ we~ are~
This was always our Fate
From syringe to incubation
We can do nothing else
We do not have a Self
Our time has come
The mad men wave us forth
We slam out axe hafts down
To cries of "Yes, my Lord!"
We match for 'power', 'glory'
Even the dead know the truth of it
Despite their pompous coddling
Our lives are so much shit
:icondahiij:Dahiij 0 0
The Automaton's Lament
The lamplight burns over charcoaled walls
As the doctor works his trade
Bowed before automatons
All silver, cogged and gray
They said they loved her, their creator
Like a son does to a mother
Their pumping valves and electric eyes
Dripping oil darkened water
The woman bled and bled and bled
The man sweat over her
Surrounded by hulking machines
The children, the Cogged
*heavy ass breakdown, tempo change*
The lady breathed her last breath
And the Cogged pushed the doctor aside
Guns forgotten they carried her to the creek outside
They were mined from the stream
She floated where she found them there
Passing through the fabled door
The doctor took his coat and ran
The sound of clanking behind
As bell-like bangs rang out the night
The cliffside loomed over the sea
A steel cold hand grasped his arm
Put the barrel to his head
The cold wind froze
Their steely hearts
Their blackened tears like ice
A grove of brass
A copse of steel
Bathed in the frozen creek
The leader and the oldest son
:icondahiij:Dahiij 0 0
Automated Terror
Spear Commander Rickert stood in formation on the long paved road to the governor's residence. All around him the elite of the Evangless armed forces stood in review, waiting for their entrance as the mechanized armor finished their ground quaking parade. Next to him stood his command, a four man team known as a spear. Jon had let his long barreled accelerator droop again, and Rickert broke formation for a moment to grab him by the back of his neck and haul back, yanking the weapon back into alignment with the rest of the spear.
"Sorry, Commander," he said around the stranglehold of his starched collar. "Permission to breathe, sir?"
Rickert let go and slapped him on the back as the rest of the spear laughed quietly. "Keep that barrel up, Jon. I don't need an investigation into why one of my men shot one of the bigwigs."
Pilus, the only non-human in the squad, stretched and looked around the cavernous hangar bay that the armor was marching out of. The farishtaa dug in his pocket for a f
:icondahiij:Dahiij 0 0
It's the grail-
Personified, personalized.
What we make of it, it is
And when it's gone, we'll never know.
I fear for it--flee from it!
Run back to it, and damn it.
I question it
And I test it.
Rail against it!
Then accept it.
I beg for a reason
An get this in response.
Its as good as we
And as precious as we make it.
There's only one-
How can we make do with it?
:icondahiij:Dahiij 0 0
Taste of Defeat
Silver in shambles, arms thrown down and sundered
And crimson dries around the edges of a spring.
Friend, lover, mentor and brother-they lie as one
Mingled with rival, betrayer, fiend and deceiver.
In the dark embrace they are as one,
light put out of their eyes.
Scavengers caw as they dip down,
Over pale and over frail.
Beads of jet reflect silver links and bloody orbs,
And rainbow black becomes dark with red.
The din is fierce,
Pickings are not scarce.
Victory sits hard and leans forward,
Feeling Defeat with every gurgling breath.
The Lord points, gestures, calls Victory toward,
And bades him kneel among death.
Good sir, says the Lord, well ridden and done.
The field is ours; they have lost and we have won!
Victory can only taste Defeat, it poisons his tongue
And so he holds it fast.
Aye, Victory replies, we have won.
They are dead and we held till the last.
Around them the Frail shout cheer,
Praising the Lord and Victory, forces strong and near.
The Lord ordered Victory, Stand!
:icondahiij:Dahiij 0 0
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